The Monster Video is out! Eminem & Rihanna video

Eminem & Rihanna video
The wait is finally over! Eminem unveiled the new music video for his Rihanna-assisted "Monster" on Monday (December 16), filled with more than five minutes of retro-goodness.

The video opens on Em, sitting in a therapist office as Doctor Rih-Rih scribbles notes on a pad. A TV nearby plays retro Eminem clips on a loop as Marshall Mathers, the man, appears to slip into a state of hypnosis.

Down the rabbit hole he goes — or, more accurately, a free-falling elevator shaft. As he tumbles, visions of Dr. Dre, "8 Mile," Elton John and several iconic moments from his storied career flutter by. In the end, Em comes face-to-face with his formerly drug-addicted self, choosing to turn around and walk the other way.

Do you dig it?

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