City, MTA brace for 2014's second snowstorm

MTA bus
UPDATED 1/21/14, 6:30 PM: The MTA said that crews will be working overnight to ensure subways and buses will run normally during the morning rush hour.
The storm disrupted express service during Tuesday's evening rush hour, causing trains to run local to allow the MTA to move cars underground.
MTA spokesman Kevin Ortiz said trains will be moved out of express tracks early in the morning, though there may be some residual impact on subway service.
“We will work towards getting a normal am peak as quickly as possible,” Ortiz said.
The level of bus service in the morning will depend on road conditions, Ortiz said. During Tuesday evening, the number of buses on streets were down 20%. Evening service was heavily delayed on all routes and there were service changes on nearly two dozen lines a cross the city.
Fast Track repairs to the E, F, M and R trains were suspended for the rest of the week so personnel can focus on snow removal and clean up after the storm.
Check for the latest service changes.
To help sanitation crews keep roads clean, de Blasio suspended alternate side parking Tuesday and Wednesday.

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