In Case You Needed Proof That Pregnant Ciara Is Absolutely Radiant, Well, Here It Is

Pregnant Ciara is as radiant and as glowing as you'd expect her to be!
Congrats, Ciara! That is QUITE a bump. 
Time to shout a hearty “mazels!” to Ciara and Future. Because in case Sherri Shepherd’s hand gently cradling Ciara’s definitely-not-from-too-much-pizza (or California Pizza Kitchen butter cake) baby bump wasn’t a dead giveaway, CIARA IS PREGNANT!
The “Body Party” singer confirmed her pregnancy when she appeared on The View yesterday. And like, we guess CiCi’s been doing a killer job of hiding that bump, which is marginally crazy, because OMFG it’s perfect.

Pregnant Ciara is as radiant and as glowing as you'd expect her to be!
The kid’s not even out yet, and it’s already surrounded by celebs. (Shout-out to Jenny McCarthy!)
While we’re so thrilled for Ciara and definitely think now’s the time for the busy singer to rest and nest, there are some things Ciara had better do to prep for the arrival of her bundle of joy.
Like, for example, book play dates with the reigning queen of the celeb toddler tribe, Blue Ivy, as well as Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose’s baby boy, Sebastian Taylor Thomaz! Oh, and how could we forget Jessica Simpson’s side-eye-prone munchkin, Ace Knute, and Fergie and Josh Duhamel’s mini bad-ass, Axl Jack? (Celeb play dates are a MUST in this town! Can’t have your baby playing with basics!)
Anyway, most importantly, big-time congrats, Future and Ciara! Can’t wait to see just HOW intensely your upcoming kid out-swags us in the long run.
+ Watch Ciara confirm her pregnancy on The View.

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