Acting is a wild journey. It’s a lot of hard work but the buzz of the job makes it all worthwhile, says Rayanna Dibs. She’s that British actress we’ve seen in so many things: Stage plays and films. It was a pleasure to see the witty Ms. Dibs in Nell Dunn’s stage play Steaming, in which she played Josie, the lower class good-time girl, who is uneducated but bright, divorced from a criminal and who loves sex and all the other creature comforts.

Rayanna has worked on many short films such as the Cannes short film selection Schizophrenia Me and Me directed by Howy Bratherton , and the Simon Rickards film Roads. She also played the lead in the short, Homeland, which was filmed on location in Los Angeles.

Rayanna’s lovely face and bold, yet refined talent have also brightened up several feature films. In The Urge she played Megan, a funny mess of a girl looking for love. In The Days In Between which is being distributed this year, she was the ‘Know it all’ character Henrietta.

Rayanna’s poise and confidence in every situation demonstrates how self-possessed she is.  She is devoted to mastering the art of acting, but also herself, which is a rare find indeed. She has said that she wants the audience to perceive her acting as entertaining and passionate and each role she plays illustrates that she has certainly succeeded in that.

She has had many achievements but the one she treasures the most at this point in her career is being directed by Danny Boyle at the opening ceremonies at the Olympics in London. By the way, even though the opening ceremonies took three months of rehearsal, Rayanna wouldn’t trade that experience for anything. She says it was an honor to be part of that night and part of Olympic history. Plus, getting to work with Oscar winning director Danny Boyle was pretty cool, too.

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