Super Bowl 2014: Best story lines for Broncos vs. Seahawks

NFC Championship - San Francisco 49ers v Seattle Seahawks
The matchup is set. Super Bowl XLVIII in New Jersey will be between the Seahawks and Broncos. It's a fascinating matchup that will be dissected ad naseum for two weeks.
Here's what you're going to hear about:
1. The Weather
Hey, has anyone heard it's an outdoor Super Bowl? It may be cold and/or snowy. Shoot me now.
2. Peyton Goes for No. 2 in Eli’s Home Stadium
Giants quarterback Eli Manning won his second Super Bowl in brother Peyton’s home stadium at the time in Indianapolis. Peyton now goes for his second in Eli’s home stadium in New Jersey. A second title would also really cement Peyton's legacy as one of the Top 3 quarterbacks of all-time, without the caveat that he's not clutch and doesn't perform well in the playoffs.
3. Richard Sherman vs. the World
Let’s just say this about cornerback Richard Sherman’s antics late in Seattle’s NFC Championship win over the 49ers – he didn’t make many fans. Sherman is going to hear about it for the next two weeks. We’re going to listen to endless arguments about whether the Stanford product is pompous or brilliant. In the end, it will all be about whether he can stop Demaryius Thomas and the Broncos’ quality wide receivers. The winner come Feb. 2 will either be Sherman or the rest of society.
4. Seahawks Going for First Super Bowl
Seattle’s had a professional football franchise for 38 years. It has never won a Super Bowl. The Seahawks did make it once before, losing in Super Bowl XL to the Pittsburgh Steelers eight years ago.
5. Anybody’s Big Game
This really is believed to be an evenly matched Super Bowl. The league’s best offense vs. the league’s best defense. Vegas sees it that way, too. The betting odds opened as a pick ‘em for Super Bowl XLVIII.
6. The Legion of Boom
Seattle’s defense is really good. They’re so much more than just Sherman. There’s safety Earl Thomas, linebacker Bobby Wagner, defensive linemen Michael Bennett and Cliff Avril, and more and more and more. The Seahawks are deep and talented. Deep and talented enough to shut down the vaunted Broncos offense? That is the question.
7. John Fox: From Hospital Bed to Super Bowl Champ?
Former Giants assistant John Fox missed four weeks this season because of a heart problem. Now the Broncos' head coach is on the verge of earning his first Super Bowl ring.
8. Russell Wilson the Game Manager
Peyton Manning's the all-time great quarterback. The Seahawks' Russell Wilson is the up-and-coming game manager. Seattle’s young quarterback hasn’t exactly lit it up in the playoffs. He’s accounted for one touchdown in two games. By the time the Super Bowl comes around, Wilson will have gone two months since he threw for over 215 yards in a game. We’ll hear all about how this great kid has immediately stepped in and taken the reigns and done everything necessary to win. But, and it's a big but, his biggest responsibility is not to lose the game for the Seahawks.
9. Seahawks' Special Star
Seattle fullback Derrick Coleman is the NFL's first legally deaf player. He can be the first legally deaf player to win a Super Bowl. It really is a great story.
10. Weather, Weather, Weather
Did I mention it may snow?

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