Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber — Don’t Get Married Now

Selena Gomez – rumors are swirling that Justin Bieber has proposed, and now you’ve appeared in public wearing a gold band suspiciously on the fourth finger of your left hand. Whether you’re engaged or not, let me just advise you right away — you’re way too young to tie the knot!

Selena Gomez, you and Justin Bieber are in the midst of a hot and heavy romantic reunion. And now there are even multiple reports saying that you may be engaged. And Selena, it also doesn’t help that you gave a fabulous speech on March 26 while wearing a gold ring on your engagement finger.

Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber Marriage Rumors: Don’t Tie The Knot Now

As you can imagine, Selena, your fans went wild wondering if you were truly engaged and wearing the ring to signify your love with Justin.
Well Selena, we at Daily Style Entertainment hope that you and Justin haven’t taken the step of deciding to get married. We know you’ve just had to deal with an unfortunate March 19 report claiming that you were pregnant with twins, which Daily Style Entertainment was able to prove false. That must have been very upsetting for the two of you.
However, we also know that the recent reconciliation between you two is going gangbusters, and that Justin is ecstatic over your rekindled romance.
“He loves her,” a source told Daily Style Entertainment EXCLUSIVELY. “He loves her smile and likes all this make-up time that they’re having.”
Selena, you’ve also been thrilled that your love is blossoming again. Your relationship with Justin is so important to you that you’ve even chosen the Biebs over your close friendship with longtime BFF Taylor Swift. Taylor gave you an ultimatum,Daily Style Entertainment learned EXCLUSIVELY, and you made Justin’s love #1.
“Selena thinks if Taylor were really her friend she wouldn’t give her an ultimatum or make her choose between the two. She respects Taylor and always will but the most important thing to Selena is Justin right now,” a friend of yours told Daily Style Entertainment EXCLUSIVELY.

Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber — You’re Too Young To Get Married

Despite all this good news for your relationship — and we have to say that we are happy for you two — that doesn’t mean that you should take the next step and get married. Now here’s why.
#1. You’re both way too young to make such an important decision. Selena, you’re 21 and Justin is 20. Young marriages among non-celebrities rarely last for the long haul, but marriages in Hollywood appear to have an even shorter expiration date. Just pay attention to these examples:
Britney Spears married Kevin Federline at 22 and divorced him three years later. Kim Kardashian had her first marriage at age 20 to Damon Thomas and that went pfft. Jessica Simpson married Nick Lachey at 22 and that went kaput too. Hilary Duff married Mike Comrieat age 22 and they recently split. LeAnn Rimes married Dean Sheremet at 19 and dumped him for Eddie Cibrian. And Drew Barrymore had the first of her marriages at 19 to bartenderJeremy Thomas, and that lasted less than a year. So you see, the odds are not in your favor.
Think about it. There are just too many pressures — you have the pressures of business, celebrity, travel, fans, family and more to contend with. You and Justin have so many work commitments that pull you apart — emotionally and literally, when you have to do world tours — and those commitments could spell doom for your marriage. We’ve already seen how these pressures have wreaked havoc on your romance thus far.
#2. Your relationship has been up and down and over and out so often that you two need to give yourselves time to have a long-term, committed love to make sure that you work together. Diving into marriage would just be wreckless, with your history of breaking up and making up. It’s terrific that your romance is on a roll right now, but why don’t you just enjoy it and reevaluate your commitment in two or three or four years from now?
We think you two have so much in common — from your backgrounds to your interests to your professional understanding of each other — that you could have the basics of what it takes to last long-term. But now is not the time to find out. So Selena, we hope that the ring on your engagement finger has nothing to do with a decision to wed.
You were so smart when you gave a speech to a group of young people at the We Day conference on March 26. You confessed, “I lost sight of who I was, I listened to opinions of people, and I tried to change who I am because I thought others would accept me for it.” Selena, that was such an important realization.
You also said that until recently, you had given in to pressure not to be yourself. Justin and Selena, you both need to know yourselves and know each other’s true selves before you get married — and that requires maturity. So even if you are thinking at all about it, do not get married now. Wait!
Do you agree, Daily Style Entertainers? Let me know.

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