Shailene Woodley Stuns In Menswear At CinemaCon 2014

Shailene Woodley Menswear TrendShailene-Woodley-covers-Marie-Claire-cover

The ‘Divergent’ star went for a unique look when she hit the red carpet on March 27. Sporting the new menswear suit trend, Shailene went for a more simple, natural look. We’ve been loving the funky new trend, but we aren’t so sure Shailene pulled it off! VOTE and tell us what you think!

Shailene Woodley, 22, attended 2014 CinemaCon at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace on March 27 wearing a chic menswear outfit and looking fresh and confident as usual. The rising Hollywood star is expected to receive the Female Star of Tomorrow Award later this week, but does she deserve an award for this unexpected ensemble? VOTE below!

Shailene Woodley’s Simple Suit Look:

We have seen stars all over this new menswear trend, but only a few have made the ensembles sexy and feminine. And to be up front, we’re on the fence with Shailene’s outfit.
The tan Dolce & Gabbana pantsuit had a lot of potential for a bombshell sexy look. We think she toned the outfit down too much with the cream colored conservative blouse and bright white Keds. Especially with her super cute short new hair-do, she needed to add a little spice to her outfit. It looks like she had the saying, “Less is more” in mind and we were thinking the opposite!
If she wore some funky accessories or a pair of heels, Shailene would have totally stole the spotlight! The actress has such a natural, gorgeous beauty that she really does look great in everything, but we were looking for her to stand out in a bolder look!
What do you think about the menswear trend on Shailene, Daily Style Entertainers? Was it bold enough or should she have spiced things up? Vote!

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