‘Vampire Diaries’: Travelers’ Plans To Capture Elena Revealed

The Vampire Diaries Markos

Doppelgängers and Travels and witches, oh my! What happened to the days where ‘Vampire Diaries’ was all vamps? Those are no longer.

Elena (Nina Dobrev) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) woke up thinking the toughest part of their day would be getting over that morning-after-hooking-up awkwardness, but that was only the beginning. Not only did Elena have a near-death experience thanks to Liv (Penelope Mitchell), she was about to come head to head with the leader of the Travelers — meet Markos (Raffi Barsoumian).

Liv & Luke: What Do They Want With Elena?

After their hot hookup, Elena and Damon head to an uncomfortable parent-teacher conference for Jeremy (Steven McQueen), which couldn’t have been anymore awkward. Through their sexual tension — yes, he pushed her up against the lockers and she imagined them going at it on a teacher’s desk — it was drawn to their attention that Jeremy needed a new, calmer life.
And apparently so did they — the conference was interrupted by Liv (Penelope Mitchell) trying to put a wooden stake through Elena’s heart. Luckily, Damon saves the day just in time again and Liv is forced to clear the air on what’s going on with the witches-vs-Travelers thing: Elena is the last female doppelgänger and the Travelers want control over her, as do the witches. So, in Damon’s mind the only understandable solution is to kill Liv, but Jeremy’s not about to let that happen. Ugh.
 While I was pissed that he was interested in Liv, it’s actually just to protect Elena. He decides to propose a deal to Liv and her brother (Chris Brochu) – he’ll help with the Travelers if they protect Elena — with the help of Tyler and Matt, of course. Now that’s a team we want to hang with.
It won’t be tough for Luke to protect Elena, since she decides to officially move out of Damon’s house and move back to Whitmore, to finally say goodbye to him. She makes it pretty clear she doesn’t want to end it, but knows she has to, and he accepts, sealing it with a romantic kiss on the forehead like a gentleman. Eh, we prefer the up-against-the-locker Damon.

Caroline & Enzo Go On A Doppleganger Hunt

Meanwhile, like a true BFF, Caroline (Candice Accola) goes on a serious search for Tom Avery, Stefan’s doppelgänger (Paul Wesley) — who by the way, is just Stefan with better hair. However, while head Traveler Sloan (Caitlin McHugh) is torturing him to find out exactly where Tom is, Stefan finds him in his memory and informs Caroline that he’s a good guy and she can’t kill him. However, if she doesn’t, then Sloan will kill Stefan.
Caroline always gets herself into these situations . . . and now she’s stuck with Enzo (Michael Malarkeyagain since he tags along for the trip. Naturally, she snaps Enzo’s neck so she doesn’t have to deal with him, after finding Tom kidnapped in the basement of a witch (who Enzo killed immediately).
At the end of the day Caroline does have too good of a heart to kill someone, even if it is to save Stefan, so instead, she decides to compel Tom to go far away for the rest of his life. However, Enzo woke up just in time to kill him — and tell Caroline that he too made a deal with the Travelers — if he helped to kill the doppelgänger, they would find his lost love Maggie.

Travelers (& Markos) Ruin Everything

When Caroline returned to Stefan, he was anything but disappointed. Instead she laid down next to him in a minivan (?) and had an adorable, face-to-face heart-to-heart, which ended in a spooning session! (Melt!) Unfortunately, that adorbs action ended when they were woken up by the Travelers killing themselves to get to the other side.
The intense screaming and literal burning of themselves was definitely enough to ruin the mood, and for Bonnie, it was enough to knock her out as they all headed to the other side.
Except Markos, the leader, who entered through Bonnie, and then we watched his shadow walk out. Yes, Peter Pan style.
Trying to figure out what happened in this week’s episode? Let us know how you figure it out below! Did you enjoy it? Do you think Markos will try to kill Elena? Let us know.

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