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Oursite presents you with stories and real articles, from private people that have been through tragedy in their area of residence. Additionally you can read our articles, updated online with pictures and videos. Each story and article was checked by us before going live in order to check the reliability of the person telling about himself. We work in collaboration with embassies and we have the lists of the people hurt in the disasters. Each reader is invited to choose a gift and give it to the publisher in order to encourage him in the new and interesting field of stories and article writing, and also to help that person with essentials ingredients that are in packages that are pre-made by us. Also, through us you can send greetings and blessings and even advice for life to the publisher that in this time is going through the crisis of his life and in this was to help him rehabilitate and get back to normal life.
Help Us To Help Others Help In Time Of Need

Oursite gives an opportunity to each one that was involved in any nature disaster to enter, sign up and tell about themselves , what they and their family been through and what they are dealing with today. 
Poverty In The World
The story would be told in oursite and many people all over the world that are interested to to know and feel up close, in a true honest way about the tellers tragedy, can read the story, the article . All stories must be from private people and not professional generalists. Everyone the publish what happen with and to him, if they can touch the reader heart would have a chance to receive a gift, donation, support or help from the reader that liked his story. so you should invest and givemaximum details and send a clear picture that reflects reality. In fact, our site gives a stage to people that wants to tell and get published regarding the real live case that happen to them up close.

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