Akon bridges the African gap

Akon: Image by Andy Kropa/Getty Images
Don’t you just hate it when African American’s refer to our continent as though it’s one country?
On some “Yo I’m heading to the country of Africa” - First of all Africa is blessed with diversity so to place us under one umbrella isn’t only condescending but it’s also quite embarrassing on your side for someone who comes from a first world country.
But a slow clap and nod goes to Akon who is trying to bridge the gap between African Americans and Africans, according to bossip.com Akon feels as though African American’s should personally apply their knowledge in knowing more about Africa and its countries vice versa. (Sure you right!)
“I think there is a divide between African and African American’s but I blame education on that.  The information between the two groups hasn’t been exercised as much as it should be”
Akon has taken it upon himself to create awareness about Africa and what African Americans can learn by creating his new project called “The Akon Lighting Africa Project” which is aimed at empowering African’s through entrepreneurship, education and involving more African American’s in being aware of what really goes on in the land of their forefathers.
We hope this project really goes well, it’s a bit of a cringing moment when some African American’s know about our continent is the Safari and Shaka Zulu.  Props to those who actually do make an effort to know about each other’s culture, watching music videos and wild life channels cannot be our form of education.

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