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TheLAPD and a popular L.A. nightclub have joined forces to keep black people and other minorities out of L.A. nightclubs -- so claims the Game -- but the LAPD is calling BS.

From TMZ Report
Game has beef with Lure nightclub in Hollywood -- the site of an extremely popular weekly event called Toxic ... a party which Game often hosted.  But Game says he's persona non grata, after secret meetings between Lure honchos and cops.

Game lays it out ... he says they're trying to block minorities, rappers and athletes from clubs.  He says it's pure and simple racism.

But LAPD sources tell us ... they have never met with Lure management to discuss keeping groups of people out of the club.  And Lure echoes that.

As for who you believe, you should factor this in ... Game and T.I. were in a tense standoff with LAPD cops earlier this month outside Supperclub -- owned by the same people who own Lure -- after a guy in their posse got beaten to a pulp by club security.
So we gotta ask ...

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