Prank reaction sparks dialogue about teen pregnancy and other social taboos worldwide

As common as it is, having a child out of wedlock is a sensitive topic for a young person to bring up to his or her parents. When 20-year-old Prateek Verma from Delhi, India pranked his father by telling him that his girlfriend was pregnant, he did more than get laughs and a few views on YouTube. His father's violent reaction has garnered at least 1.5 million views and sparked a global discussion about "socio-cultural taboos like domestic violence, patriarchy, shame and honor," according to Al Arabiya.
A city judge in India has declared out-of-wedlock pregnancies and live-in relationships are "immoral" and an “infamous product of Western culture," reflecting the sentiment of the Indian culture and the generational gap in the much wider global community.
According to Yayha Patel, an 18-year-old from Mumbai:
“India is raising a fearful generation of youngsters who cannot talk openly about issues of relationships and sex to parents. All the while, our popular culture is making it acceptable for our society to become hyper-sexual. We’re living in a schizophrenic society and it’s unhealthy.
Watch the video in which Verma, an engineering student, unknowingly challenged social taboos below:

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