See How Ugly Chris Brown Looks After 7 Weeks In Jail

You won't believe how Breezy looks now after spending 7 good weeks behind bars. Horrible?
Chris Brown looks broken after 7 weeks in jail

Shocking images of Chris Brown's weary look after 7 weeks in jail may tell you, the singer is seriously in pain and cares less about his Versace, Dolce & Gabbana or Gucci stuff at home.
Chris Brown heads to DC to avoid assault trial
Breezy looked haggard and very tired in court on Thursday afternoon during a hearing in the Rihanna case in Los Angeles.
The Fine China singer has been behind barssince March 14 after a judge left him to rot in jail after getting himself kicked out from rehab twice.
He is expected back in court on May 9 for the judge to decide whether he spends more four years in jail or not for allegedly assaulting a boy in Washington in February plus violating his probation in the Rihanna case in 2009.

But in the meantime, Brown habits in an L.A. jail, and unless a deal is struck, he could be there for 4 years and that means his career will be seriously damaged!!!

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