'Once Upon a Time' Season 3 finale: 'Frozen' princess arrives in Storybrooke


That's right, "Once Upon a Time" managed to shock in the final moments of the Season 3 finale on Sunday (May 11), but instead of triggering some new curse in Storybrooke, the ABC fairytale drama introduced Elsa from "Frozen" to Storybrooke.

The Disney princess -- only about six months old -- had been trapped in Rumpelstiltskin's vault of dark magic items in the past, and when Emma and Hook made their way back to the present through a time travel portal after all their shenanigans in the past, they accidentally brought her with. Once the container holding Elsa arrived in the present, she burst forth, tossed aside her gloves and strode out into the night. But no one knows she's there, and we still don't know if she'll be a friend or foe to our favorite Storybrooke residents. 

We also don't know who will play her, since we only saw the back of her as she made her way into town in the final moments of the two-hour finale. Will "Once Upon a Time" achieve the impossible and get the animated Elsa, Idina Menzel, to play the live-action version? And does that mean we might get some musical numbers on the ABC series?

Elsa's arrival in Storybrooke isn't the only cliffhanger left open as fans eagerly wait for Season 4 to premiere this fall. Emma and Hook finally got together -- for real -- after all their adventures together in the past. Hooke revealed to Emma that he was able to cross realms in the beginning of the back half of this season because he traded his ship, the Jolly Roger, for a magic bean. He gave up everything for Emma, and when she realized that, she kissed him. And oh, that kiss. That was a long, passionate, happily-ever-after kind of kiss. Emma/Hook shippers, have you stopped replaying that scene yet? No? Understandable.

Someone who almost got their happily ever after as well was Regina. Things were going pretty amazingly with Robin Hood. They were dating, she got along with his son, and she even told him they were meant to be together a long time ago. She was happy ... until Emma and Hook accidentally brought back another stowaway from the past, and it turned out to be Robin's long-lost, presumed-dead wife/mother of his child, Marion. Robin and Marion had a tearful and happy reunion in the present, and it's clear that his relationship with Regina is over. Like mother like daughter, Emma accidentally ruined Regina's chance at love. Yikes.

Let's hope Regina isn't once again driven to exact revenge, or else Season 4 might feature yet another curse, as well as the incoming snowstorm Elsa is bound to bring. 
Photo/Video credit: ABC

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