Miley Cyrus Two Arrested in Stolen Maserati Case

Miley Cyrus Stolen Car
Miley Cyrus can rest easy ... the LAPD has arrested two people they say broke into her home and stole her Maserati last weekend. 

Cops ID'd a male and female -- both in their 20s -- late Thursday morning.  The pair was walking on a North Hollywood street and detectives recognized them from the surveillance video.

As TMZ first reported, Miley's stolen Maserati 
was abandoned almost immediately after it was stolen Saturday night while Miley was out of town. 

Cops have yet to recover some expensive jewelry that was also stolen during the break-in. 

We're told at this point the 2 suspects have no known connection to Miley.  

It's unclear if the male was wearing his now-famous skinny jeans.


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