23 year old student commits suicide after girlfriend jilts him

23 year old student of Maritime Academy Oron, named Effiong Otu, (pictured above) hung himself with a rope in his home in Calabar on Thursday July 10th after a girl jilted him.

According to his friend, Effiong got involved with the girl early this year and fell madly in love with her. On Wednesday Effiong called him to tell him the girl had broken up with him for no reason and has refused to pick his calls. The friend advised him to try and see the girl so they could sort things out. He said Effiong called him on Thursday morning to say he had gone to see the girl and she embarrassed him and asked him to leave her alone. The friend said he promised Effiong he would call and speak with the girl but Effiong told him not to bother that he had given up hope.

That same day, a few hours after Effiong and his family celebrated his father's 10th year death anniversary, Effiong called another friend of his to tell him to tell the girl to be happy with herself as he plans to kill himself because of her. He then went to a neighbours house to borrow a rope, locked himself in his mother's house and hung himself from the ceiling of the house.

His friends thought he was joking about killing himself until they heard the news of his suicide. He was buried the next day.

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