Justin Bieber Released His First Single 5 Years Ago Today: Here’s Proof That He’s Still The Same Kid

Do you remember what you were doing when you first heard Justin Bieber? If you don’t, it’s OK because it was FIVE years ago — and I know my memory doesn’t have enough gigs to remember that far back.
Exactly 1,825 days ago, Justin released his very first single, “One Time,” off his debut, My World. Half a decade later, he’s dressing sharply in shiny suits, cruising on yachts and occasionally causing trouble in fancy cars — all of which seems to imply that he’s changed a lot. But, still, when you go back to the “One Time” video, you realize he’s the same old kid in a lot of ways.
He was just a baby, baby, baby. Oooooh.

Baby Bieber hangs around with pal Ryan Butler in his first music video.
one time 1
Years later, he’s still lounging around with Ryan (this time for Madison Beer’s debut video, “Melodies”). Grown.
one time 2
Usher — Bieber’s mentor — had more of a presence in his early music, playing a part in the “One Time” video as the cool adult friend who puts up with Justin’s shenanigans.
one time 3
Now when Biebs throws a house party, he invites Nicki Minaj instead.
one time 4
In the video, Justin rides a skateboard around a pool.
one time 5
In 2014, Bieber takes his hobby to the skate park (it’s safer that way), but it’s proof that Justin is still the same ol’ guy.
He partied a little different when we has 15. Aww… look at him jump up and down.

Now, this is how he dances. Swag.

Look at that smile. Those little chipmunk cheeks. The glimmer in his eyes. His puppy-like excitement. The way he’s pointing right. At. You.

He’s been around the world a few times now. And after playing hundreds of shows, who does he point at? Why, he’s still pointing at you, girl.

He was really into this chick in the video. Look at him giving her props.

Now, he crushes on the ladies a little bit differently.

A. A. A. A.
one time 6
He’s still way into hand gestures. They’re just right-side up now.
This is Justin’s first tweet. It’s also from five years ago, promoting his first single.

“One Time” now has close to 370 million views. Never forget, you guys.
Watch, and remember.

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