Christians worship a tree in Russia after seeing the face of Jesus on it (PHOTOS)

Churchgoers in Russia have begun worshipping a tree after claiming that religious icons with the faces of Jesus and the saints appeared on its trunk.

The images began to appear on the birch tree in the village of Burmakino in central Russia's Kirov Oblast last month in the places where gardeners had trimmed off old branches.
Villager Valentina Naumova said:
 'We thought nothing of it until the tree started to form these arched shapes, just like church icons. 'Then the faces of Jesus and his disciples began to appear in them and we realised this really must be God's work.It seems to me that they had come to us because they wanted to tell us something.'
According to Mailonline, the village has had no church building of its own since it was destroyed by Communists in the 1930s. In the Soviet Union, all church owned property was confiscated and turned over to public use and most of it - like the property at Burmakino - was destroyed.
Now whole congregations of people gather in front of the tree to pray and give thanks.

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  1. Wow this is cool o, but this is not christianity