Fashion icon Lanre Da Silva Ajayi and football legend Amokachi at loggerheads over Naija's passion

Nigerian designer, Lanre public prosecutor woodland Ajayi was a guest on Channels TV programme, ‘Sunrise Today’, on weekday, 25 October where she talked about the style industry.
She additionally created some comments that has been inflicting varied twitter reactions since weekday. See some of her comments below:
"How will Congoooooooo beat Nigeria?" She says on channels TV. "Fashion is the next huge factor currently, what's football? Our apparel industry has full-grown plenty and it’s still growing. With the money spent on soccer, I will found out many fashion entrepreneurs within the world. Seriously, imagine being overwhelmed by Congo, SMH…I am simply shaking my head at once #Go Fashion. All of what soccer will provide and more! Fashion will become the true passion of Naija! Anyone that chooses will challenge ME on this; I am thus prepared to defend it!"
It’s Game On! #GoFashion
Fashion is certainly the simplest way higher venture to precise our passion
I am still shaking my head #GoFashion
Every good one who is gifted are wanting to explore fashion
Football legend, public prosecutorniel Amokachi stepped in yesterday night to place up a couple of tweets in response to Lanre Da Silva's comment. He additionally created additional comments this morning on Brilla FM once he was interviewed on "Hard Tackle"
See his quotes
· Fashion is larger than football? that's like speech communication Nigeria is larger that the u. s. of America.
· Football has been around for many years, folks simply started taking note to fashion.
· soccer unites everyone, there's no sentiment when it involves football
· Mention soccer to folks living in Sokoto or even in the village, everybody will establish with it.
· WHO is aware of lanre public prosecutor Silva? however everybody grasp Okocha, Kanu and therefore the huge footballers
· It is not what Ronaldo puts on that makes folks pay attention to him, it is what goes on the field for 90mins that makes folks respect him.
· it'll take decades for fashion to satisfy football

Join the spoken language, pick a side: #GoFashion versus #GoFootball

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