HORROR!!! Dogs tear apart skull of 4-year-old toddler in Lagos


The caretaker of a house in Igando, Lagos, has been arrested by the police for allowing his giant dogs tear the skull of the child of a tenant in the house.
The incident occurred at about 5.46 pm on Thursday, 25 September, when the caretaker, Stanley Jegede, allegedly let loose his dogs, which attacked 4-year-old Omoniho Isaac Abraham and his two elder brothers.
The elder brothers of the victim, managed to escape the dog attack by jumping from their upstairs apartment, while Omoniho was attacked by the dogs pulled, who tore out his skull.
The father of the children, Abraham, said that his wife went to buy something for the children, and shortly after she left, the children came downstairs with their bicycles to play as he lives upstairs. They, however, did not realise that the giant dogs owned by the landlord’s brother (Stanley Jegede) were not chained.

He said, “Immediately they came down, two of the dogs chased them. The third dog was chained. They ran back up stairs, but the dogs chased them up, three of them ran up, but the dogs still attacked them forcing the other two who were 12 and seven years old to jump down leaving their younger one who could not jump. They sustained fracture injury on the legs. The dogs pounced on the boy, tore his skull and battered his face”.
“Nobody could go in, including the police, but my wife had to summon courage and defy the dogs’ barking and threat to go in and saw her son in the pool of his own blood, carried him and rushed out of the house. She was then accompanied by the police to Igando general hospital from where they were referred to LASUTH,” he added.
The 4-year-old boy, Omoniho is presently at the intensive care section, ICU, of the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH), Ikeja, Lagos, while the suspect, Jegede and his two dogs have been arrested and detained at the Igando Police Station.

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