How The World Media Is Celebrating Nigeria's Ebola Victory (Pics & Video)


As the world continues to celebrate Nigeria and Nigerian's for our victory over the Ebola Virus
We take a look at what the international Media and global health institutions had to say about a great country whose potentials and abilities have never been appreciated by the international Media

1. CNN .

Nigeria is sharing strategies with others(US, SPAIN , GERMANY , LIBERIA CONGO , SIERRA LEONE , LIBERIA ETC) on how to curb Ebola

2. Center for Disease Control CDC
Because of the rapid public health response it appears they have been able to stop the Ebola outbreak in Nigeria
CDC Director Tom Frieden

3. Washington Post( Headline)
What Texas can Lean from Nigeria

4.The New York Times
Quick response cited as Nigeria seem to contain Ebola

5. Top US Talk show Host Rachel Maddow advises America to learn from Nigeria


Texas Ebola response Marred by missteps and unanswered questions !
#Nigeria the role model in the fight

7. World Health Organization (WHO) Praise Nigeria for defeating Ebola

Proudly Naija!!!

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