Meet the Nigerian millionaires allegedly sponsoring the lifestyles of US reality stars,

Got this blockbuster from The gossip site listed five wealthy Africans including 3 Nigerians that are allegedly sponsoring the lifestyles of Real Housewives of Atlanta stars, Porsha, Kenya Moore, Claudia and Phaedra. This one na story make a gist. Lol. Make una read below biko... spoke with multiple sources in the Atlanta Housewives - and there is a definite theme this season - getting an a married African sponsor. We have heard rumors or fact that at least four of the ladies on the show have an African sponsor.
1. Porsha (left) is being sponsored by one of Nigeria’s top oil barons Bashorun Jide Omokore. He's a 60 year old married man and he's the one that bought her the Rolls Royce. Part of the reason why Porsha lost her peach - is that she refused to talk about him on camera, for fear that he'd stop sending her $$$. Bravo knew it would be a real interesting storyline and so they got upset and demoted her. This is not rumor - it is #Facts#
2 - Kenya Moore (pictured top right) is being sponsored by two wealthy African men, both married. The first man is named "Osama", he made a fortune in Nigeria then opened up a high end restaurant in Dubai named Kiza. The second sponsor is Tonye Cole, a married Nigerian oil millionaire - he retired from business and is now a PREACHER. Photos of BOTH are below.

3. Claudia (left) - We just got wind from THE STREETS that Claudia is getting SPONSORED some very WEALTHY AFRICAN man. We're told that the man, who is MARRIED, comes and flies her around on his private jet. These are just ALLEGATIONS also at this point.

4. Phaedra - Phaedra's estranged husband Apollo claims that he had "evidence" that she's being SPONSORED a wealthy African whom she refers to as "Mr Chocolate." These are just ALLEGATIONS by Apollo.


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