Nigerians are missing my late father – Abacha’s daughter

Gumsu Abacha
Gumsu, daughter of the late maximum ruler, Gen. Sani Abacha, has claimed that Nigerians have been missing her father’s dictatorial leadership.
The late dictator’s daughter stated that she came to this conclusion after having closely monitored people’s comments on the trends of political events via social media.
Writing on her Twitter page, Gumsu claimed that “all of a sudden” she now also misses her late father.
“All of a sudden I miss my late father. And I realise that Nigerians miss his leadership everyday when I read people’s comments on social media.
“Whatever you think remains your opinion. He was a loving and caring father. He had a good heart. He was the best ever.
“Happy 54th Independence Day to all my Nigerian brothers and sisters. We shall keep rising! May our nation’s tomorrow be brighter, stronger, prosperous, and safer,” a series of messages on Gumsu’s Twitter page read.

Meanwhile, the National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, ‘’’ Muazu, has lamented that poor Nigerians fight themselves in a bid to protect the interest of politicians.
According to Muazu, members of the ruling class whom the “poor and helpless” fight their cause are more united in achieving their political dreams.
In his Independence Day message, the PDP national leader said the masses must reject the “divide and rule” method of the ruling class.
Unity of the masses, he argued, was not in words, adding that Nigerians should begin showing it in actions as the nation celebrates her 54th Independence from colonial rule.
“The disunity and division in our nation are more visible among the poor and the helpless. Even those who divide you are united.
“Unity is not in words, it is in action. Patriotism is not for the lips, it is shown by your actions.
“Reject their divide- and-rule methodology and Nigeria will remain one indivisible entity strong and glorious.
“Happy 54th Independence Day, my great nation. Usman, have you called Tolu to tell him you appreciate him and that he is your brother wishing him ‘happy independence’?
“Make few calls across borders, reach out today and reassure them of your love, respect, admiration and loyalty,” the PDP national chairman preached.
A former Governor of Kwara State, Dr. Bukola Saraki, on his part, said both the masses and the ruling class must continue to work and pray for a better Nigeria.
Saraki, who represents the Kwara Central Senatorial District at the National Assembly, expressed optimism that “a lot of good can and will come out of Nigeria.”
Describing it as a great country, Saraki noted that the heroes and heroines worked for the unity of Nigeria as well as the health and safety of the Nigerian people.
“How often do you remember the real heroes and heroine of the battle against Ebola in Nigeria? Truly, we must not forget the real heroes and heroines that fought and won the battle against Ebola in Nigeria
“Happy 54th Independence Day. We must continue to work and pray for a better Nigeria. I pay homage to the gallant soldiers who have died in defence of our sovereignty and heroes that have worked to maintain our democracy.
“I salute the soldiers on battlefield confronting our enemies to make sure that at every October 1st, we can come together to commemorate our independence.
“I remember Chibok girls, who as of today, have been in clutches of the enemy for 170 days. One hundred and seventy days is 170 days too many,” he explained.
The former governor, however, lamented that he was being harassed by politicians aspiring to hold various political offices ahead of the 2015 general elections.
According to him, many of the politicians who have since shown interest in the All Progressives Congress as a platform to aspire their dreams, seek his support without getting their constituency’s backing.
“I keep getting SMS, tweets and calls about candidates interested in different offices. I say to you, ‘Go back home and let people recommend you.
“Anyone who believes in me should be with my people all the time. Not those that come back four months to election. The people must recommend you.
“APC politicians that want to contest in 2015, endeavour to be heavyweight at home and not only in great hall. No automatic ticket for anyone.
“No one is perfect, including my humble self, but continuously, I have tried to improve on a daily basis with the support of my people. We will put forward credible candidates,” Saraki added.


  1. well it a very Big Lie, we are not missing your father

  2. Your father put nigeria into debt and now you are saying Nigerians are missing your father. Fafafa foul

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