Stunning Female Fighter who killed over 100 ISIS terrorists 'captured & beheaded'

The poster girl for Kurdish female fighters battling ISIS has been reportedly beheaded by the dreaded group.The young woman, who went by the pseudonym "Rehana" became a symbol of the Kurdish resistance movement when  journalist Pawan Durani tweeted a picture of her giving a peace sign and tweeted 
"Rehana has killed more than 100 ISIS terrorists in Kobane,".
The photo went viral, receiving more than 5000 retweets.But sadly,social media has been filled with reports that she was captured and killed by ISIS after gruesome pictures began circulating on Twitter of an Isis fighter purportedly holding aloft her reports.
More than 10,000 women have joined the forces to battle ISIS.Just last month, a brave female fighter strapped herself with explosives and surrendered to ISIS ,only to blow herself up killing dozens.

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