‘Hollyoaks' Spoiler: New Pictures Show McQueen Family Wedding And Dramatic Train Crash (PICS)

The McQueen family are set to left stunned in ‘Hollyoaks’, when Porsche and Lockie’s wedding day is ruined by a dramatic train crash.
After the couple tie the knot, the McQueen clan set off for the reception on a steam train, however, disaster strikes and the train derails.

hollyoaks train crash
The scenes include one of the show's most ambitious stunts
‘Hollyoaks’ fans already know that Gemma Merna and Jennifer Metcalfe, who play Carmel and Mercedes, are leaving the soap and it’s thought that at least one character will perish in the accident.
A show source tells Inside Soap: “In the past, ‘Hollyoaks’ has never shied away from killing off any of its best-loved characters."
The McQueens won’t be the only characters in the smash, as Dodger and Sienna will also be on the train.
hollyoaks crash
Carmel surveys the train wreck
Danny Mac, who plays Dodger, has previously opened up about the crash, telling Digital Spy that his character plays a huge role.
“Dodger is a major, major part of it because if he wasn't there, the train crash wouldn't happen, even though it's not about him,” he explained. “Everyone has got their part to play, but it's nice to be the main seed of why the crash happens.”
Meanwhile, there’s drama in store for Maxine, who goes into labour just minutes after the crash.

The crash episode airs on Friday 14 November. 

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