On Monday, Nov. 10, the Weekly Shonen Jump Issue 50 will finally release the final chapter of the "Naruto" manga. After 15 years since "Naruto" was first released in 1999, the epic ninja manga will end with a 44-page chapter 699/700 doubleheader. What's more, "Naruto Shippuden" chapter 700 will be printed completely in color. Like many manga fans, I was shocked when I first learned that creator Masashi Kishimoto officially announced the end of "Naruto." While the end to any anime is inevitable, the longevity of "Naruto" made the announcement rather unexpected. However, a new report reveals that Kishimoto is planning another sequel to "Naruto Shippuden."

For the fans that have been following the Naruto manga, you will know that Sasuke and Naruto have yet to settle their differences. While the rivalry between the two ninjas will always be a core plot, the shinobi world will continue to go on and there are many other stories to tell as well. According to Kishimoto, a new ninja series following "Naruto Shippuden" will arrive in Spring 2015. That said, insider sources suggest the encore series will actually be relatively short.
The fact is, even if creator Masashi Kishimoto has made peace with the end of the "Naruto," the die hard manga fans have not. There is still heavy international interest in "Naruto" and to end the series now would be, for lack of a better term, to leave cash on the table.
So what does Kishimoto have planned for the upcoming "Naruto Shippuden" sequel? Details are scarce, but an interesting image surfaced earlier this week that attracted a lot of buzz and speculation-- Naruto and Hinata and their children. According to Japanese site My Game News Flash, Hinata and Naruto's son will be named Bolt, or Boruto, a pun on Naruto. Hinata and Naruto's daughter is named "Himawari," which is "sunflower" in Japanese.
'The Last' Naruto Movie Hinata children
Initial reports suggested that the illustrations were fakes created by a Chinese blog that intended to drum up speculation on the upcoming "The Last: Naruto the Movie." However, if  Masashi Kishimoto is working to develop a sequel post-Shippuden, then  the adorable children will not be outside the realm of possibility.
The "Naruto Shippuden" manga officially ends on Nov. 10. What are your thoughts on the upcoming sequal manga to "Naruto Shippuden" for Spring 2015? Let us know in the comment section below!