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Thursday, 11 December 2014

PERSONAL INTERVIEW WITH KG (Em-boss), KG (Em-boss) Talks About His Career, [READ!!]

KG (Em - boss) was Interview by Daily Style Entertainment yesterday 10th December, and it was fun having him in our studio. KG (Em - boss) is a talented singer that has a striving force in Music, He said music is passionate to him.
This are some of the Interview question that was been asked by Daily Style Entertainment to KG (Em- boss)

When did u start singing?
I started (Rapping) while I was 12 and I recorded my first single when I was 14years.

How old are u?
Well I'm just 20years.

What do u do wen u are sad?
When I'm sad all I do is listen to music or take a walk to free my mind.

What inspiration do u get from Music
It makes me feel a setting kind way can't really express it tho buh it makes me feel Good.

Where do u wish to see your self in the next four years to come
In the next four years I wish to see myself on top of my Game,and also a millionaire.

And who is your role model?
My roll model will be my mum

And the last are you married or single?
I'm single.

KG (em-boss) also drop a mixtape last year for he's fans and music lover's tittle #LTMT which means Listen to my tape
And here is the link for it enjoy !!!!!!

see more picx below


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