'I Think I’m a Better Human Being Because of Kim and because of my Daughter' – Kanye West Debuts New Music & Talks about His Family

While appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show last night (where he shared more than a few smiles), Kanye premiered the video for his newest single ‘Only One’ and spoke about family, his Adidas collaboration and how he’s changed.
We love the video for ‘Only One’ which features only Baby North and Kanye West.
Also on the show Kanye talks about building a family, protecting his family and more. Read excerpts from the interview below.
On marriage and family changing him: “I have always someone to think about going home to: something not only to be brave for what I want to do for humanity, but also to be more protective of myself for my family.”
On having a bigger family: “We’re trying,” he said. “I just want whatever Kim wants.”
On his new album: “We’re still trying to find the vibe. [There’s] this transition from what I felt when I did
Yeezus to what I feel now and we’re just creating, so we haven’t found it yet.”
On being calmer: “I think I was going through my version of my terrible twos. My daughter wants to express herself but doesn’t have the words for it, and for me, there are so many things I wanna do with film and clothing but I just didn’t have the words or the resources or the backing. A lot of times people try to block your creativity and control you with money but adidas allowed me to create my whole clothing line. The definition of crazy is trying to do the same thing and expecting different results, so I tried something different over the past couple of years and I actually got some really good results from it too! I think I’m a better human being because of Kim and because of my daughter.”

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