Read the comment that Chris Rock made that got black women mad

Actor and comedian Chris Rock, who's reportedly worth about $70million made a comment earlier this week that's got quite a few African American women upset. They said he shaded his own mother and black women everywhere in a shameless bid for an Oscar nomination…

While speaking at the Variety Creative Impact Awards, Chris Rock began campaigning for an Oscar for his latest comedy Top Five and supposedly made his mother and Black women the butt of his joke
"Comedies never get nominated. So I'm going to blatantly appeal to the voters. February 22 is my mother's birthday. 70th birthday. If I'm nominated, I will take her to the Oscars. If not, I will take her to Fatburger. We don't need another Black woman at Fatburger. So please vote for me." Chris said to nfluential Academy Award voters
Is this an offensive statement? Black twitter has been letting him have it for days now!

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