Amber Rose to spill the beans on Kanye, says he put hands on her, likes his booty hole played with

How are you going to date a woman for two years, someone who knows where you buried all the dead bodies, someone who doesn't particularly have reservations, has nothing to lose and you go on radio to slam her, saying you had to take 30 showers before you could be with another woman (someone who probably has more body count)? Well, Amber is furious with Kanye and she's coming for him. Continue...
The SH*T just hit the fam. spoke with one of Amber's closest friends - who tell us that she's FURIOUS - with the ongoing SLANDER CAMPAIGN that she's being hit with - from Kanye and the Kardashian's - and she's ready to drop the BOMB, and spill Kanye's tea.
What's the tea, you ask? Well ALLEGEDLY when Kanye and Amber used to date - Kanye liked his BOOTY PLAYED WITH. Not the booty - the HOLE . . . EWWW . . .
But here's where it gets even MORE messy Amber also claims that Kanye has PUT HANDS ON HER in the past - and left bruises - which she has photographic evidence of.
Kanye and Amber had entered into a legal NON-DISCLOSURE agreement in the past - where Amber agreed NOT TO TELL. But she now feels that since Kanye went on the radio this morning and basically called her a"DIRTY B*TCH" . . . she should be able to spill his tea.
This saga is about to get real good.

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