Focus official trailer

Will Smith needs no introduction. We can’t deny he is one mighty talented actor. In the upcoming movie - Focus, he plays the role of a seasoned con who falls in love with an attractive young woman whilst teaching her some of his tricks on the job. The relationship gets pretty personal and then it gets pretty complicated. Dude loses focus ‘cos he’s only human yo! …What are the consequences?

Find out in this thrilling romantic comedy in the charming guise of a classic crime caper as it hits the cinemas on Feb 27th pan-Nigeria! Will Smith looks flawless @ 46 in the movie trailer…
FOCUS also stars a relatively newcomer to Hollywood - Margot Robbie, the Australian actress who plays Jess, a wannabe hustler who’s eager to learn from Nicky (Will Smith), the best con man ever. For those of us still struggling with Margot Robbie’s identity, she was Naomi, Jordan Belfort’s sexy side chic in Wolf of Wall Street. 
FOCUS is directed by Glenn Ficarra John Requa and had about $100m production budget…How much will it make in the box office? Time will tell…
Feb 27th is the date. Don’t dull o…FOCUS!
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