Heartbreaking! Bobbi Kristina's Family Gathering to Say Goodbye

Bobbi Kristina's family are gathering to say goodbye, People reports that, on Wednesday, four days after the 21-year-old was found unresponsive in her home, a doctor told her family that nothing more could be done.
"Everyone is coming to the hospital to say goodbye," says a family member.The news was especially devastating to her father, Bobby Brown. "Bobby has been crying nonstop since yesterday," says the source. "We are grieving."
A second family member went by the hospital overnight to say goodbye – and admits that the devastating news is hard to believe. 
"If you saw her, you'd think she was just sleeping," says the source. 
A source close to the family says they've been keeping a bedside vigil since the weekend and despite the grim news, "is hopeful." 
But even with the bleakest prognosis, the family is still clinging to some hope. "It's sinking in that this is it," says the second family member, "but we're all still praying that God will intervene and heal her body." 
TMZ reported that doctors have told Bobby Brown that it's time to withdraw life support - but that he wants to wait until after the weekend. Today is his birthday.
Bobby Brown pictured with wife and his stepdaughter 

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