These hosts aint loyal! Kelly Osbourne indirectly slams Giuliana Rancic, threatens to leave fashion police

Oh shut up Kelly. I don't like people like this. Someone you've worked with for years and have been friends with, why put this out on social media instead of talking to them? This is where - I think - you should show solidarity...not indirectly slamming them on Twitter..and insinuating that they are racist.

For those who didn't read this yesterday, while critiquing Disney actress Zendaya Coleman's locs to the Oscars on E! Fashion police on Monday, Giuliana Rancic said 'Zendaya looks like she smells of weed.' Wrong thing to say, I know...and Giuliana has since apologized. (Read here).

Only for Miss Kelly to go on a Twitter rant yesterday - after Giuliana's apology - to ask everyone involved to do the right or she would leave the show because she doesn't condone 'Racism'. So your friend Giuliana is racist? *hiss*. I have a feeling that if Joan was alive, she'd never have let Giuliana apologize. If they start apologizing now, everyone else they talk about will start demanding it, abi? Anyway, see Kelly's tweets

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