Vaccine That Can Prevent HIV Created – Scientists


Researchers have developed a very promising “alternative vaccine” that can prevent HIV from entering the human immune cells, according to Naij.
Experts have tried relentlessly to develop a vaccine to prevent HIV, the attempts have largely been futile.
However, in a study published online today by Nature, a very promising “alternative vaccine” was said to have been discovered by Biomedical experts.
According to Nature, researchers have developed a protein-based treatment that, when given to monkeys, prevents the animals from becoming infected with the simian version of the HIV (SHIV, or simian/human immunodeficiency virus) even when exposed multiple times to very large quantities of the pathogen.
The Scripps Research Institute Researchers, also showed that the newly-developed protein inactivates every major strain of HIV tested.
Whether or not this new method will work in humans remains to be seen, though there are reasons to be hopeful.

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