Celebrity Marriages That Have Last The Decade

It is a known fact that celebrity life all over the world is not an easy one. Celebrity marriages have overtime become too sour for some, while some has derived huge contentment in their marriages. Although not peculiar to the entertainment industry as it is prevalent in other industries, divorce and cases of separation abound in the entertainment industry.

There is no season without news that a lifetime relationship has either packed up or is at the verge of collapse. Yet, there are celebrity marriages that have spanned decades and are still waxing stronger.
In this piece Tony Chinedu x-rayed Nigerian celebrity marriages that have lasted for a
decade and above. In no particular order, here are some Nigerian celebrities that their marriages have stood the test of time.

Olu And Joke Jacobs

If an award for the long-standing celebrity and Nollywood couple is to be given, then it should rightly go to Oludotun and Ajoke Jacobs. 'Uncle Olu' and 'Auntie Joke' as younger colleagues call them have been married for over 30 years. Interestingly, they are both active players in the industry and very busy at that. They have both featured in many Nigerian movies, participated in several projects and have won both local and international awards including receiving the national honours of Member of the Federal Republic (MFR). In spite of the temptation that comes with the terrain, Olu and Joke Jacobs havecontinued to wax stronger together. To prove that for them, it was for better for worse and like an observer quipped, the 'older the sweeter', the couple in 2011 called out friends, colleagues and family members to a quiet but unique wedding anniversary ceremony where they renewed their marital vows.

The couple explained that they held the event to remind themselves that theirs was a total commitment to each other for the rest of their lives. Nothing has changed between Uncle Olu and Auntie Joke whose marriage is blessed with children.

Bob Manuel And Cassandra Udokwu

Recently, notable actor and politician Bob Manuel Udokwu and his adorable wife of over a decade and half Cassandra called a quiet dinner event to mark 15 years of blissful relationship.

Being a top player in the entertainment industry where practitioners are often vulnerable to distraction, observers consider the tall, handsome, dashing and well-built actor as one who can be considered very lucky in his marital life.

At the event held at Golden Tulip Hotel, Lagos, Bob who is back to his beat as Senior Special Assistant to the Governor of Anambra State on Entertainment gave the always gorgeously dressed Cassandra and mother of his two children yet, most of the credits for the stability and success of the union. According to the actor and show host ''my wife is not only a homemaker, but she is a friend, lover, wife, mother, partner.

Adviser, confidant and many more positive attributes rolled into one". Bob had explained that one of the reasons they walked this far together, is the commitment they made right from the very beginning that they must make their marriage work. "We dialogue and show mutual respect to each other" he said while his lovely wife nodded in agreement. Madam Cassandra had earlier remarked that for them, 'it is till death' as they have never contemplated and will never contemplate separation or divorce.

Nobert And Gloria Young

Actor Norbert Young and his better half Gloria Young nee Anozie have been married for over a decade now and they have continued to live happily as man and wife and as parents to their beautiful children.
Not a few people thought they were going to be married for this long but they have shown that it takes only two to tango and that the survival of any marriage is not in the hands of book makers but in the hands of those who took the decision to become man and wife.

Isaac and Nneka Moses

No doubt, this couple has indeed stood the test of time, from their younger days till now. They both anchor their regular TV show, Goge Africa, and they are still waxing strong in their marriage.
You will agree with us that show business is not an easy job, as it tends to affect every aspect of a celebrity's life.
Yes, they chose that path and a lot of them have made (painful) sacrifices to remain relevant, even giving up their marriages so they can continue to do what they love.
A great number of our Nigerian celebrities have walked down the divorce road for various reasons, and this disturbing trend seems to be on the rise.
Fortunately, some of them have been able to remain in their marriages for more than a decade now, while still enjoying stardom.

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