Chris Brown thinks Karrueche used him to become famous?

Let me break it down so you understand. Y'all know Karrueche publicly broke up with Chris Brown after news of his secret baby broke. So some days ago, a diehard Chris Brown fan posted this old tweet by a guy named Jacob York, where (York) explained how Karrueche could exploit the Chris-Rihanna-Karrueche love triangle to her benefit and get fame from it. That tweet was from back in 2012. Thing is, York is a well known publicist& after this tweet, Karrueche hired him as her manager.

Now, back to 2015 and these fans believe Karrueche broke up with Chris publicly for the fame and is still exploiting Chris and Rihanna for publicity. Looks like Chris bought into this reasoning because he went on the post and commented.

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