Russian lady advertises for a man to impregnate because she's fed up with her mum nagging her

Elena Komleva, a lady from Cheliabinsk in southern Russia, placed an advert on a social media site asking for a man to get her pregnant in order to stop her mother's consistent nagging. And Yes! Her Mum's aware of it. 'As long as she gets grand-kids right?

The 29-year-old lady, who is a toe-nail painting artist, described this advert as a 'contest', adding that her mother would actually select the winning candidate.

Taking to her 'Vkontakt page - the equivalent of a Facebook profile' - she wrote:

'My mother needs grandchildren to give them all the baby clothes she has been collecting. But nobody wants to marry me yet. So, if you are young, strong and healthy drop me a line.
At the end of it all, her mother will be in charge of selecting the candidates and announcing the winner. They will soon reach that stage as she says that she is now sorting through the applicants and shortlisting them - with her mother. The things we hear everyday. Lol.

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