Charly Boy writes on long-awaited ministerial list

Article by Charly Boy.
How come everyone is on Buhari to present ministerial list? Every quarter you go, you hear people mumbling about the ministerial list like as if once the list is out, our problems as a nation will be solved. I ask, are these mumblings because we are truly eager to see the new government kick into action and begin to address our numerous problems or because guys are arranging their hookups and connections. I am of the opinion that who makes the list or not is not as important as what they plan to bring to the table because that's what will guarantee the change we are all looking for.
I trust the president has a mind of his own, at least events seem to bring that home so no fears of impositions. It is time to wait patiently as the president kick starts his agenda. Be rest assured that if your father or someone you know makes the list, it might not be a good time to rejoice and draw out those lists of miserable yet money gulping projects that sign off government money in the name of contracts to family and friends because this time, Buhari will be watching and acting and hmmnn... I, CharlyBoy will be watching even more. O yes! We must get it right this time, bad belle people of not.

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