Four siblings kill themselves after being abandoned by their parents

Four siblings aged between 5 and 13 reportedly committed suicide in Bijie City in China's province Guizhou on Tuesday June 9 after they were abandoned by their parents. The oldest, a girl, reportedly left a note saying 'today is the day to go', before she and her two sisters and brother drank poison. Neighbours who noticed that the children hadn't been seen in a while went to their house to find them all lying still. She contacted other neighbours who rushed the children to the hospital where they later all died.

Police said they can't confirm if the children had all deliberately drank poison to kill themselves or if one of them had put poison in their food unknowingly to others as the youngest who was just 5 years old can't understand what suicide is...

According to Chinese authority, their mother, Ren Xifen, left home in March 2014 after a long and bitter feud with their father, Zhang Fangqi, who left the village to find work in the city in March 2015, leaving the children to fend for themselves. Their father had left food in the house for the children and asked a neighbour to keep an eye on them. He also left some money in his bank account and gave his bank card to his eldest child. There was more than $400 still in the card after the children were found.

A relative said she went there twice a week to check on the children, who had become withdrawn after their father left. They even stopped going to school.

Police say the children's parent are yet to come forward

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