Human: The War You Don’t See

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Movie in the Works that Focuses Upon the Emotional Struggles of Young Men Before they go to War
 Human: The War You Don’t See (WYDS) focuses on four men and their emotional journey through boot camp. We learn what drove these men to war through their 10-week experience in boot camp. Each man is searching to discover answers to pressing questions involving personal identity.
            Issues that are faced by the central characters include struggling to come to terms with sexuality, fights with a parent, growing up poor, and disapproving parents. The movie also explores the struggles that young Asian men go through to honour their parents’ wishes whilst at the same time exerting free will and avoiding conforming rigidly to the cultural expectations that are placed upon them. It tells the story of how through a unique friendship and destination, problems can become opportunities.
This emotionally rich insight into young men and war is the brainchild of Dan Janis. He is currently attempting to raise funds for it via the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. The script is complete, along with a tentative film schedule planned for early 2016. This promises to be a fascinating insight into the minds of soldiers-to-be, who are already fighting battles away from the warzone.

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