New Restaurant Chain to Serve Five-Star Baby Food

Adults and Babies Alike Can Dine at a Restaurant with a Difference
Hinckley, UK, 18 June, 2015 – Hinckley-based mother Hayley Pitfield has come up with a novel dining experience aimed at enabling parents and their babies to dine out together at restaurants where they will both be catered for. Frustrated with the lack of suitable restaurants for babies and small children, she is attempting to get funding for a chain of restaurants that provide fresh baby food, healthy meals for kids, changing facilities, and a breast-feeding-friendly environment. This chain will be the first of its kind in Britain.
            The restaurants will be located in Leeds, Coventry, Birmingham, and Liverpool. Every item of cutlery will be designed to be child-safe, and there will be an emphasis on setting a good example for the next generation, with all staff members being paid a living wage. Hayley is currently attempting to gain funding for this project via the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. She envisions a safe, comfortable setting in which mothers can unwind, discuss the challenges of parenthood, and provide their babies with a nourishing meal.
The chain will be called Akachan, which means ‘baby’ in Japanese. It aims to be a utopia for parents and babies alike. Perhaps this project heralds the beginning of a new era, in which mother and baby can enjoy a meal together in a restaurant that was specifically designed with them in mind.
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