Reverse your obesity and type-2 diabetes for FREE!


Be a participant of our Quantum Holistic Plant-based Healthful Diet and Weight Loss Research
Do you know that research evidences have revealed that whereas no single diet suits everyone, plant-based foods is good for health given that plant-based diet can reverse obesity and type-2 diabetes!
In order to participate, besides knowing your height (in meters) you will need the following:
1) a weighing scale to take your weight (in Kgs) with the lightest clothing on or without.
2) a soft measuring tape to take measurements on various of your body parts.
3) a digital camera and someone to take the 3 different angles of your body, as shown below and to send to  with your name and email(used in your form submission here) on the Subject line.
4) for diabetics, we also need your latest A1c results (also referred to as HgA1c). This is a single digit reading (and can include decimals) of your average blood glucose control over the last 2 to 3 months in percent. You can get this done in a clinic or buy a DIY kit to measure yourself.
Or download a copy of the questionnaire template to browse through the questions first.
We look forward to helping you transform your health and lose weight as a by-product.
God bless!
Credentials and Professional Profile of Researcher, Dr Pierre Chenxu
·         Research Scientist with Nexphase International Pte Ltd since 1982
o   Job scope: Research on various skin blemishes and developing revolutionary proprietary products to treat them holistically and effectively.
o   Company websites:
o   Awards Received on behalf of company:
§  7th & 9th Europe Awards for Quality '93 & '95 - Paris
§  22nd International Award for Best Trade Name '97
§  International Award for Commercial Prestige 2000
·         ITEC Certified Beauty Therapy Teacher since 1982
·         Personally mentored in 1972 by the late honorableDr. William Arnold-Taylor, who was Life Fellow, Royal Society of Medicine Founder Member U.K. and founder of ITEC, U.K.
·         Certified Physiatrist by Dr. Taylor, and is a member of the London and Counties Society of Physiologists (LCSP).
·         Trained and certified by two mainland Chinese Acupuncture Masters, and developed and pioneered the holistic Taiji Acupressure facial massage in 1972.
·         Certified Holistic Health Practitioner by American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP)
·         Quantum Natural Medicine PhD student with International Quantum University of Integrative Medicine