See what Kanye did to Kim

I read something Kim K said in an interview yesterday and it got me wondering. You know how a man can come into your life and want to change you into their own perception of who you should be or maybe just what they want you to be. Kim said;
'My style was really fun and flirty and cute; very colorful, very trendy. When I started dating Kanye, he was like, "Babe, you have so many crazy shoes and platforms with spikes and jewels, so much going on. Can I have my stylist come and we'll clean out your closet? I've become in love with this still sexy but just cleaner look.'
Kanye removed everything from her closet & put in new stuff. He even tells her how to do her hair. Kim's style has since changed. Would you let a guy come into your life & change your sense of style?

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