Actor, Stanley J. Browne enjoying his worldwide success

Stanley J. Browne is an actor who has indescribable talent.  He has worked hard since the age of seven to become the amazing actor that he is today and to accomplish the amazing achievements that he has. Stanley is an actor in film, TV dramas, short films, and theatre; he is well rounded and well versed.  He says that he strives to continue challenging himself and broadening his horizons in the film industry.  Stanley has amazing talent and a consistent drive to go with it. 
Stanley studied at both the Anna Scher Theatre in London while he was young and at the Mountview Classical Acting Academy to break through into a different genre of acting.  While at Mountview Classical Acting Academy, Stanley was awarded the sole acting scholarship for men, which is one of the highest honors to be received by actors in the UK drama academies.  If this alone is not enough to credit Stanley’s amazing abilities, there is also his impressive resume. 
Stanley was in many TV dramas and feature films.  Some of the shows that he has played in are very popular British dramas such as East Enders, Birds of a Feather, The Bill, London’s Burning, Silent Witness, and others.  He has also starred in several short films including His Fathers Son and Roxanne, as well as two feature length films including Meet Pursuit Delange and Rough Cut, which he played the lead role of diamond investigator, Carter Jefferson.  Stanley also took on the challenging role of Othello is Shakespeare’s Othello, where he toured Ireland for three months.  These are all but a few examples of Stanley’s extraordinary talents as an actor in both film and the theatrical arts.