Delia Farizath: Successful Entertainer and Entrepreneur

delia farizath

We have seen Delia Farizath in multiple TV shows, films, commercials and theater over the years, but what we didn't know about her, was that she is also pretty brainy -with a successful career as a management consultant. Don’t be fooled just by her gorgeous looks, there is a lot more to Delia than meets the eye. We recently caught up with her and to find out more about her interesting background and this is what she had to say:

What have you learned the most about being in LA?

Los Angeles is a beautiful city with some of the most modern architecture and beautiful landscapes. In this city, you will find multicultural variety in arts and entertainment. The museums offer incredibly unique concepts that can only be found here. This is the mecca of the movie industry, art, fashion and music bringing opportunities for almost everyone. Events like the Oscars, the Grammy’s are world known events that only happen here. Thanks to this, I can see that businesses are always booming around the corner and due to its people diversity and international trade is a must to keep up with the competition. With this fast-paced society, I’ve learned to be more organized with my schedule, due mostly to the traffic in this city. People are very humble and upfront, so it is important to give a good impression with professionalism because you never know who you might end up meeting. I’ve traveled around to many countries and lived in different cities such as New York, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Panama and Mexico and I find this city unique with unlimited growth opportunity.

Was it hard to adjust?

Not really -and due to my previous experiences living in busy cities around the world, I find it quite easy.

You are also a successful marketing and PR consultant in your country.
How does that compare with being in the entertainment business?

For me, being part of the entertainment industry gives me an understanding of the multicultural society based on human behavior which is an essential part that plays a role in the development of new products -and also gives me an understanding in how marketing becomes the foundation core for all businesses looking to increase exposure and sales. With my studies and background experience, I feel it increases my participation in the business industry that entitles my careers.

I understand you were also a part of big political campaigns tell us that:

Being part of political campaigns has given me the experience of interacting and interpreting how people express themselves. How a candidate relates to potential voters, by first understanding their needs and properly relating and communicating with them. People want an equal opportunity for success and it is up to the candidate how he or she expresses their plan and action to potential voters. Good communication to achieve a personal connection are key for every successful campaign.

What do you like the most about being in the marketing field?
Is it something you always wanted to do?

Marketing is a field in which you can never get enough of. The challenges of the industry allow me to be the best that I can be. It’s a field in which creativeness combined with my BA in Logistics has proved to be a major factor delivering great results in every project I have been involved with. With logistics you can analyze, forecast and set goals delivering a complete recap of achievements. During my career, I knew that marketing would go hand in hand with my logistics skills and I knew that my studies were going to come in handy someday. So, now it has been proven.
What’s your best piece of advice to other women in business and also to young girls to get into this field?

First, I would advise that education is a key to success and the more you know the better chance you would have to achieve higher goals. Don’t be afraid to ask and always be upfront with your answers. Business Consulting is a very challenging field so you never burn your bridges, build trust and don’t be afraid to take risks. Be as organized as possible with your projects, always keep a log of flaws to achieve success. This world is very challenging for women, so you always have to give your 110% percent of dedication, commitment, and honesty.   

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