First World Girl Problems


TORONTO, JULY 24 2015: Have you ever struggled to zip up your own dress? Have you ever been asked by your mother, girlfriend, sister, daughter or even a complete stranger to help zip up their dress? What would they do if you weren’t there to help? Now there is a solution: Ms. Dress Up’s Zipper Pull is launching an online Kickstarter Campaign on July 24, offering a chance to be a part of every woman’s soon-to-be favourite fashion accessory. 

Founder Natalie Catania used to struggle to try on high-back dresses while shopping and wondered why it was so difficult to do up a zipper on her own: “Sometimes, I felt like I needed to be a contortionist just to get dressed. I would jump up and down in the dressing room and regret not going to yoga more often. I wished there was a simpler solution.” After watching a show about divers and noting their ease in doing up their own wetsuits, Natalie had an epiphany and used a similarly long zipper extension as the foundation for designing Ms. Dress Up’s Zipper Pull. From there, she elevated the concept into a versatile piece of fashionable jewellery. 

An ornamental chain hooks into the zipper of a high-back dress and is used as an extension to the existing pull, acting as a pulley to effortlessly zip yourself up. The hook fits into a variety of zippers, including invisible zippers. Ms. Dress Up’s patent-pending Zipper Pull will soon change the way women buy dresses forever.

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