Not afraid to take on a challenging role, masterful actress Rafaela Salvadori

Rafaela Salvadori is a masterful actress whose skills are only second to her impressive drive.  She is originally from Brazil and has always loved performing.  She began dancing at a very young age and studied ballet for eight years.  She also studied Jazz, Modern, and Egyptian dance.  Rafaela’s love for performing quickly spread from dance, to encompass singing and acting.  She is a strong young woman who is going to achieve all her goals. 

Rafaela is not only an astounding performer, she is also an extremely intelligent woman who moves on her own beat. There is vulnerability in her eyes that show every emotion she’s going through. She exudes confidence and grace. She speaks five languages and has several degrees including a degree in Foreign Affairs and Environmental Issues from Brazil, a Masters in International Business from Paris, and a fashion degree from New York’s Parsons School for Design.  She enjoys yoga and paddle boarding and she has also taken many classes and workshops to further her acting skills.  She has taken classes at Michael Howard Studios, Susan Batson Studio, and HB Studios, and the Atlantic Acting School in New York.  Rafaela is an amazing woman with an intelligent mind and outstanding talent in many areas. 

Rafaela has acted in many films.  She has had starring roles in many films such as I Don’t Want to Know, Welkome Home, The Machine, Drifters, and Men Are Dogs.  In addition to all these, Rafaela has also starred in two films that were both featured at the Marche Du Film Cannes International Film Festival in 2015.  The first was a film entitled Moo Moo and The Three Witches and the second was called Simply Sandra, with Red Horizon Entertainment.  She is continuing to work hard as she gets ready to begin work on upcoming projects.  She will be acting soon in a feature film with Feed Our Souls Production. Rafaela is an exceptional actress that is inspiring and successful.  She works hard to achieve her goals and never backs down from a new challenge. 

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