Rose McGowan Knows Her Sheer VMA Look Was "Punk As F"

Last month, Rose McGowan sparked a debate when she tweeted out a ridiculously sexist casting note that shed light on the sexism that continues to rule Hollywood and the mainstream media. The tweet also reminded us that Rose has been defying the status quo since she first emerged on the cultural radar in the early '90s. From the sheer dress days of the VMAs to her recent directorial debut, the short film Dawn, Rose is an inspiration--and one who still manages to inspire a Tumblr generation of teens to dress just like Amy Blue in The Doom Generation.
We could go on and on about why we love each of Rose's iconic looks, but we figured we'd let her discuss the stories behind each of these on- and off-screen outfits. Even the actress/director agrees that some of her looks were "pretty damn fabulous" and she's still not afraid to call out Hollywood execs who "made a mess" of one of her films from '01.

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