The Circle’s”, Isabella Charlton

Living in Beijing, and performing in TV, film and theater productions, Mandarin-speaking Isabella Charlton is steadily making a name for herself.  Laying the foundations for her acting career studying at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA), attending the Actor’s Summer Conservatory at Yale Drama School and performing regularly while studying at Oxford University.  Isabella went on to perform in a Showcase at the Duchess Theatre in the West End and has been involved on numerous theatre projects since.

From that solid start, Isabella has tucked a host of professional achievements under her belt, including a lead role in a 30-part Chinese TV comedy series called Dragon Train. She has performed at the Grand National Theatre in Beijing. Isabella has also starred in short films such as ‘Beautiful, as if made in Heaven’ directed by Xiàng zhuó and ‘Now and Then’ directed by Sarah Reid. From short films Isabella moved on to feature length films such as the historic epic ‘ The Cairo Declaration’ directed be Húmínggāng and comedic film “I am very Talented’ directed by Lǐ ruìxiáng.  Isabella believes one of her most interesting roles was playing Adele Rickett in the TV epic Begonia, based on the true story of Allyn and Adele Rickett who were a married couple arrested as US spies in China in the 1950’s and served several years in prison being ‘re-educated’.

Isabella most recent role is in ‘The Circle’, a web series directed Jennifer Schwerin. The show has strong female driven plots and will run on online video channel LeTV, one of China’s biggest streaming services.

“I grew up in Hong Kong which is where my family is based, and I learned Mandarin Chinese at primary school,” says Isabella. She started to broaden her acting talents when she moved to China, and now works mainly in Beijing. She credits her success to hard work and of course perseverance, and her advice to aspiring performers is to keep doing what you love.

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