Is he a philosopher, a businessman, an artist, a filmmaker, a production designer or an art director? If you said any of these you’re right. And if you said all of them you’re also right. Badr Farha was born in Dubai but now lives and works in Hollywood, California. He works on films as an art director, production designer and director. His body of work is quite impressive and the list of films he’s participated in is pretty long.

His art directing career actually began years before it truly began. Badr had a keen eye for detail ever since he could remember. He noticed things like color, structure and tone in everything around him, especially in the films he watched, particularly Great Expectations, the 1998 version, directed by Alfonso Cuaron. That movie encompassed so much for Badr and kindled in him a curiosity about the process of storytelling and filmmaking and how everything comes together in that art form. Great Expectations was THE film that influenced Badr strong enough to give up his very substantial positions in the business world and go into filmmaking as a career. That movie is never too far from Badr’s reach, as he revisits it regularly to discover some new inspiration.

The talented Mr. Ripley is another film that Badr sees as a masterpiece of art direction and production design. It’s not the story in this film that attracts him, but the choice of props and wardrobe and the masterful use of colors throughout the movie, especially the greens and ambers, which blend in with Italy’s timeless summer. Those kinds of things, what professionals call “below the line” things in a film budget, are what stokes the fires of Badr’s passion for storytelling and movie making. Not that stories and content aren’t important to him, because his most personal film to date, which he wrote and directed, was selected to be in the Cannes Film Festival Court Metrage. The film, The Last Conversation, was highly praised by critics and audiences alike and it was the story that fascinated and compelled Badr to bring it to life through film.

Badr has worked on countless films and he was art director on several episodes of the popular TV series Seven Year Switch. He also worked on two more Cannes Film Festival Court Metrage selections, When Negatives Collide and More Than Words. Badr will be working on the up coming feature film 1982 and the documentary Free America.

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